Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Old Hill Cidery, Timberville, VA

We were at a wedding over Labor Day weekend and had some of the cider from Old Hill Cidery in Timberville, VA. We've been determined to visit since.

Last weekend, we finally made it there with some friends of ours. We really enjoyed the cider tasting (it was $5 for the tasting, $8 if you wanted to keep your glass). As a bonus, the Noms Deli Food Truck was there - it's a dedicated gluten free truck that we've been meaning to try. After the tasting, we had a late lunch & it was delicious!

The tasting room is a bit small, but it works!

Exploring Staunton, VA

About 3 weekends ago, we finally went to Staunton, VA. Our fellow seasonal campers have been talking about it and how much they enjoy the town, so we figured we'd might as well go check it out. We weren't too sure what to expect, and in true form, we didn't do a whole lot of research before heading over.

Quick verdict: we'll definitely go back. The town is really cute & we can't wait to explore it a bit more. There's another presidential library that we need to visit there.

Harry Potter Closet - Marked as Such

This place had some crazy finds in it!

This was a great find!