Sunday, August 14, 2016

Exploring Harrisonburg, VA

We've gone to Harrisonburg, VA a couple of weekends now that we're back in Luray for the season. I'm going to combine the two trips we've taken down there into one post & then I'll add posts later for additional exploring.

The first weekend, we went to & explored the Harrisonburg Farmers Market a bit. I love a good farmer's market whenever I can get to one. We really enjoy that there's a dedicated gluten free food truck & a gluten free baker that come to the Harrisonburg Farmers Market.

The second weekend, we headed out to Harrisonburg to grab lunch and just explore a bit. I love the Find Me Gluten Free app, and we use it any time we're out and about. We've learned how to read the reviews and read between lines a bit. Anyhow, we've never had a bad experience at one of the restaurants we've gone to based on the recommendation of the app. We saw some good reviews of A Bowl of Good, so we decided to try it. We'd DEFINITELY go back. It was really tasty.

Gluten free goodness (I can't remember what I ordered)
Gluten-y mac & cheese with salad
The menu

After lunch, we decided to head to Bluestone Vineyard. It was a beautiful drive. We really enjoyed their wine & were chatting with them about RVing and Harvest Hosts. A case of wine later, we were off, back to the rig.

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