Monday, June 13, 2016

Lake In Wood Campground, Narvon, PA / RVFTA Spring Rally - June 2016

I'm going to start this post out with a confession: We've never been "rally people". Most of the rallies we've seen or heard of have been gatherings of older people. While we love older people, we just don't fit in and it's not been our thing.

After stumbling across RV Family Travel Atlas, meeting Stephanie at the Hershey RV Show, joining the forum, and some prodding from fellow forum members, we decided we would give their Spring Rally a try.

The rally was located at Lake in Wood Campground, in Narvon, PA. Getting there was quite the adventure.

Tiny house sighting!
This is how David rides in the Brave. Yea... someone doesn't like moving vehicles.
All was good until we got onto some of the roads leading up to the campground. Our (RV) GPS had us going in some questionable directions. Sigh. One day, we'll figure out when we can/cannot trust the GPS. We had a few tense moments in the last 10 miles or so of the trip.

Once we arrived, I went in to get checked in and all went well. She told me to have Jon wait until someone could escort us to our site. (Side note: we're finding a lot more places are escorting in & we're not sure how we feel about it.)
It's sideways, but the site map. This place is HUGE!
We got escorted to our site & started the process of backing in. These sites were definitely put in before some of the larger rigs were around. We didn't have any issues getting in, so all was good. Jon's definitely getting good at backing in! Our site was VERY wooded; keep the lights on during the day because the sun can't get in wooded.

This is the furthest we've ever been from our electrical hookup.
Look who pulled up & was in the site next to us! We met them & gave/got tours of each Brave.
After getting set up, we headed over to the area where some of the other rally-ers were. We met a few of the other families and then headed out to Shady Maple Market to pick up a few things we needed for the weekend.

We came back, had dinner, and then headed to the fire for a few minutes or so.

Saturday, we stayed at the campground (I had surgery 2 weeks before, so walking the campground was about as much activity as I was up for) and walked about 6 miles total all over the campground. There were a LOT of park model units. Several of them are owned by the campground as cabins, others are owned by seasonals.

The lake

Prayer of the Woods
The upstairs fellowship area of their registration building.
Another view of the fellowship area.
Mini golf anyone?
So many pools!
You can stay in a double decker bus!
Some of that, we took David with us. He was a tired pup towards the end of the afternoon. He was so happy when we stopped at the camp store for water. 
David wasn't sure about the goats. He was very curious about them.
David likes drinking straight from water bottles. Yup, he's spoiled.
During the day (when we weren't walking around), I made a huge fruit salad & some pulled pork for the pot luck. Around 5pm, we headed over to the pot luck. It was great to get to see everyone & chat. We did the trivia & won one of the prizes - go us! Right around the time the fire was supposed to be lit, it started raining (not too hard). A few of us retreated to the pavilion, while several went back to their rigs (to be fair, it was about bed time for most of the littles).

Sunday, we packed up and rolled out pretty early. There were some wicked storms that were going to come through, and we wanted to make sure we weren't driving the Brave when they did. We did beat the storms back to Luray - which was awesome.

One nice thing about the RVFTA rally was that there wasn't too much planned. We appreciated this because, generally, we like to go do our thing & then get together with people at night. We'd definitely attend another RVFTA rally!

Conclusion: Pick your rallies wisely. Know the group you're going with before you go & you'll likely be just fine!