Friday, April 17, 2015

Luray Weekend 3: April 10-12, 2015

This weekend in Luray, we got to meet a bunch of the seasonal campers. We're the "new kids", so it was a good chance for us to see how everyone interacts & see where/how we fit into the group.

We also:

Finished up water heater check valves.
Installed a gas lock on the propane tanks.
Finished up battery box.
Got new hose between spigot & water filter at the local co-op.
Put up SmartTiles in bathroom.
Replaced the shower curtain and bath mat.

Some random pictures to go along with those things (I need to get pictures of the gas lock & battery box):

The tent sites

David just loving life

Mmmm, maple dijon pork tenderloin with a greens & pear salad

Oh Afton Mountain Winery, how we love you


Bathroom before

Bathroom before

SmartTiles next to the shower

SmartTiles behind/next to the sink

The old shower curtain. We never really loved it, but especially with the SmartTiles.

New shower curtain - much better!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Luray Weekend 2: Fixing the Water Heater, April 5, 2015

This weekend, we had a birthday party for the oldest nephew on my side of the family, so we didn't stay at the trailer. We did, however, go down on Sunday to fix the water heater.

We were able to find brass check valves on Amazon after a failed attempt to find them at our local Home Depot. Home Depot also did not have the channel locks that were recommended by the Lance Owners Forum, so we ordered those as well.

We had a smaller strap wrench (which was recommended by one of the guys at Home Depot), channel locks, the check valves, plumbers putty, and plumbers tape to get the job done. We ended up not using the plumbers putty at all.

Jon used the strap wrench to get the top valve off & the channel locks to get the bottom valve off. The top valve came off without *too* much effort. The bottom one took a little more effort. Once it was off, water started to pour out of the water heater. We thought we had drained it all, but I guess not!

After cleaning up that mess, we taped both of the valves on the appropriate ends and screwed them into the water heater.

It was around this time that Jon realized we left the plastic plug for the back of the water heater at home. Oops! Guess we wouldn't be checking to be sure it was fixed after all! We cleaned everything up & headed home. Short, but productive trip!