Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Trailer Cushion Covers

What a labor of love.

As I mentioned in previous posts, I started sewing again all because of these covers. Yes, I know I said I started the quilt first. Well, that's been sitting off to the side. I finally got in touch with the owner of the campground we're going to do our seasonal at this year and we have a date when we can move the trailer. With that date came a deadline. So, I figured it was time to get moving on these!

I'm absolutely horrible at writing directions for something like this (if it was a technical process, I could do it, but these? Probably not.) so, I'm not going to try. In fact, I'm pretty sure I did each one differently.

I'll just share pictures & a list of things I used.

2 fabrics - stripes (about 9 yds) & circles (about 5 yds) - I had too much of each fabric
Make-a-zipper - gray

All 5 fabrics I bought for this project. I'm not sure I'll use them all in the trailer.
The two fabrics for the cushions.
Best invention ever. I couldn't find zippers the sizes I needed. This stuff saved the day at a fraction of the cost.
Once I finally got all of the supplies, I started measuring out the cushions. The measurements were actually on the tags of the cushions, but I wanted to be sure. A couple of them were curved, so I had to take that into account when sewing those. Two of the cushions were actually sewed together. We decided it was best to go ahead and separate those. So, the seam ripper and I spent some time together doing that.

The smallest and easiest one to cover. I started with this one.
Kitty Wendy decided to get in on the action.
I did a "walk through" with some plain white fabric. I didn't do a walk through zipper and pretty much said "once is enough".

This was probably the 5th time I wrote the measurements.
Measure twice. (See the beginnings of the quilt back there?) 
Laying it all out.

I'd say the hardest part of these was the corners. Just getting everything to line up was kind of a pain.

First and second ones done. A little before/after type of thing.
All done!
We found these pillows at Costco. They match the color scheme perfectly!
I was anxious to get the cushions back to the trailer to see what it looked like. Jon wasn't thrilled with my "need to get these there today!" mood, but we went anyhow. I also wanted to pull as much of the stuff that's screwed in as I could to get it done as well. 

Not the best "before", but you get the picture.
What a difference! 
Now to pull that cornice/valance down
The caps on the dinette (before)
One after/one before. Can't wait to see these back on! Thank goodness for a staple gun!
I've still got all of the valances/cornices to do & the strip on the bottom of the dinette. The strip will have to wait until March when we move the trailer. As will the headboard & 3 of the valances/cornices. I still need to figure out which fabric to do them in!