Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sneak Peak

I've started recovering the cushions for the trailer! (Ok, I only got 1 done so far.)

Here it is:

Before (really, can RV manufacturers use anything but brown?!)

After (with our kitty's tail in the way)
I slipped it on directly over the original cover, so it's easy to switch back if we ever need to. Looking forward to getting the other 6 (one of them is in 2 pieces) done and getting them back into the trailer to see what they look like. I need to figure out what fabric to use on the edge of the dinette. Guess that will somewhat depend on what I have extra of.

Votes: stripes or circles on the edges of the dinette?

Singapore - Not Camping, but a Fun Adventure!

Jon had to go to Singapore for work, so I decided to tag along. I have never been on one of his work trips because, let's face it, Boston in the winter isn't really somewhere I want to go. Nor is Florida in the summer. Most of his other trips are customer conferences with long days and no real chance of even seeing him, so I've stayed home.

Well, when the discussions for Singapore started, I decided I was going (as long as the plane ticket for me was feasible). It turned out to be much less expensive than we thought it would be, so I went with him.

Because it's about a week long trip and this is a camping blog, I'll be posting mostly just an outline of what we did. If you'd like to know more about anything, feel free to ask in the comments!

Thursday, Jan 15 to Friday, Jan 16 - Travel Day(s)
Flight on United to Tokyo then to Singapore
Uneventful, just long

Saturday, Jan 17 (Arrival & Resort World Sentosa, ION Mall)
Arrived at 12:30am
Got to Marriott hotel & settled around 2am
Woke up at 8am
Had breakfast in the lounge
Went to SEA Aquarium
Had lunch at Din Tai Fung (dim sum) at Resort World Sentosa
Went to Trick Eye Museum
Walked around for a bit
Cable Car ride
Caught cab back to Marriott
Went to ION Mall for dinner (food court)
Found awfully chocolate for dessert (carry out)
Left ION - so crowded!
Walked around Tang's for a few minutes
Went back to Marriott for dessert & to relax for the night

Sunday, Jan 18 (Switch hotels & Gardens By the Bay)
Got up around 7am
Had breakfast in the lounge
Checked out of Marriott & took taxi to Marina Bay Sands
Got taken to the VIP area to do our check in, given temp room keys & wifi password
Decided to go up to the Skywalk
Walked through the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands & grabbed iced drinks (Moroccan Mint tea & Creme Brûlée Coffee)
Headed down to Gardens by the Bay
Went to Satay by the Bay for lunch
Back to Gardens by the Bay to walk through the Flower Dome & Cloud Dome
Came back to the hotel to get our room assignment & keys activated for the room
Headed to the room to wait for bags & get settled in
Went to dinner at the Din Tai Fung (dim sum) at Marina Bay Sands
Got macaroons for dessert from Sweet Spot
Back to the room to settle in for the night

Monday, Jan 19 (HiPPO)
Got up at 5am - Jetlag!
Jon to work breakfast
Jon was able to come back and "play" for the day
We decided to do the Hop On/Hop Off (HiPPO) for the day and figure it out as we went
Got onto Yellow Bus for the complete loop.
Transferred to the Red bus for that complete loop.
Stopped at Suntech City for lunch at xxxx.
After lunch, we walked through the Giant grocery store. Love seeing the differences!
Back on the Yellow Bus to Plaza Singapura for a stop at Spotlight.
Bought some fabrics to bring home for different projects.
Back on the Yellow Bus to Marina Bay Sands.
Showered & spent some time catching up on the internet.
Went to dinner at Mario Batali's Pizzaria Mozza.
Came back upstairs with intentions to go to the pool, never made it.
Jon met up with a coworker to go over some things for the conference.

Tuesday, Jan 20 (HiPPO, Botanical Gardens, Pool)
Got up around 6am
Jon went to work
Got ready to head out - left for 9:05 bus
Got on HiPPO to head to Botanical Gardens
Spent from 9:30 to 1:40 at the gardens - visited Orchid Garden before crowds!
Came back to Marina Bay Sands, got iced tropical passion tea, headed to room
Spent some time catching up on internet stuff & blogging
Went to pool
Ran down to GAP to a couple of different shirts
Showered & got changed
Had dinner with Jon & a few coworkers
Watched the light/water show
Went to the roof-top bar for a drink & then headed to bed

Wednesday, Jan 21 (Zoo, River Safari)
Got up around 7am
Jon went to work (early)
Got ready & headed to Toastbox for Peanut Butter Toast & Iced Tea Melaka
Grabbed a taxi to the Zoo
Chatted with the taxi driver & learned a lot about Singapore
Bought tickets for River Safari, Zoo, and Night Safari
Decided to do River Safari first
Lunch at KFC - yes, it was the longest line (of Asians!) & everyone said eat where there's the longest line!
Went into Zoo
Downpour at 5pm while watching the Sea Lion show
Decided to skip Night Safari & head back to the hotel
Got dim sum for dinner, got dessert (and breakfast for tomorrow) from Sweet Spot, & took it back to the room
Waited for Jon to get home (it was his late night)
Headed to bed

Thursday, Jan 22 (Fort Canning Park, Clarke Quay, ArtScience, Night Safari)
Got up around 7am
Had breakfast (from SweetSpot - a blueberry muffin) in the room
Got ready & started packing
Decided to head to Fort Canning Park & Clarke Quay for a bit
Headed to the MRT & took it to Fort Canning Park
Got to FCP and started walking the paths. Almost all uphill!
After about 2 hrs of walking around, I decided it was lunch time.
Headed back to Clarke Quay to figure out what my options were.
Walked around CQ Central & found Real Food Grocers. I had found them online before the trip, so I was excited to find them.
Back to the MRT and to the room to decide what to do next.
Headed to ArtScience Museum for the DaVinci exhibit. Not what I expected, but it was good.
Around 2:30, Jon texted me that he was done for the day. Much earlier than we originally thought.
I got through the exhibit & went back to the room.
We decided to head to the Night Safari. I was glad we were able to go together!
We walked over the Helix bridge to the Singapore Flyer. Jon really wanted to do it, but I'm terrified of heights and I just couldn't.
We waited for a bit & caught the HiPPO shuttle to the Night Safari.
We had dinner at the Night Safari & then went into the park.
We walked most of the trails & rode the safari tram.
Once we were done with the trails, we headed to the critter show. We decided not to stay because we'd be cutting it close to the time we needed to be on the bus. We had gelato instead.
We got back on the bus, got back to the hotel, showered, and got to bed.

Friday, Jan 23 (Travel)
Early wake up call at 4am.
Got checked out, a taxi, and to the airport.
Got checked in to the flights, checked bags, and found breakfast.
Security is at each gate, so you have to go to the bathroom and all before you go through security.
The flights were uneventful & we were happy to be off the plane once we got back!
We had dinner & picked up our pup & headed home.