Friday, August 29, 2014

Luray KOA, Luray, VA

When? August 15-17
Where? Luray KOA, Luray, VA
Cost?  $59 per night (plus taxes & resort fees and before KOA discount)
Hookups? Full
Type? Pull through
Site #? 46
Check in? 1:00pm
Check out? 1:00pm
Characters? Heather & Jon, David the dog, The Powell Family
Weather? 60s-80s

I love the Luray KOA. Such a great location. We had another great trip here this year. Different camp hosts, but still awesome. 

We arrived around 1:30 on Friday afternoon. We noticed that they didn't ask us about the pizza dinner like they have in the past, but since I'm gluten free, we had already planned on not eating pizza. We got all set up & took David (the dog) down to the dog park. Their dog park is fantastic! We met "Lily", the Great Dane. What a sight that was; David was so tiny next to her! They played so well together. 

The Powells arrived while we were at the dog park. We greeted them as they set up (in the site next to us, yay!) and they were telling us that the pizza people apparently quit right around the 4th of July! They were banking on pizza for dinner, so they were scrambling to figure that out.

We realized at some point that we needed to go to WalMart for a couple of things, so we offered to take J with us if they needed a trip. They decided to order pizza instead. I made some very tasty mushroom steak burgers and sweet potato fries. We had a great campfire that night, complete with s'mores!

Saturday morning, we got up & took the dogs to the dog park. Score for the pups being tired! Our group went to Luray Caverns and did the whole tour. I piggybacked one of the Powell twins for most of the trip through the Caverns. Always fun! After the Caverns, we had lunch, did the ropes/high course thing, and then did the maze. That was a full day! We stopped by WalMart again on the way back to the campground. We forgot a couple of things the day before, so it was all good with us!

Please don't make me go back in my crate! I'll be cute.

After the outing, we headed back to the trailer. Jon & David took a nap. 

It's a good thing I didn't want to take a nap too!
After nap time, we took David to meet Princess Grace. She's a camping Havanese. We met her (and her poppas) last year and she's the one who convinced Jon that the breed was a good size.

We did a combined dinner on Saturday night. I made pulled pork & the Powells did all sorts of fixins. We did a Chipotle burrito bowl type thing. Everything was great! The kids were so tired that they all missed dinner! Another campfire with great friends (and adult only s'mores!) was the perfect close to the evening.

Sunday was a sad day. Weekends are just too short! We took our time, packed up, and headed back to the lot to put the trailer away. It was supposed to be our last trip of the season, but the Powells talked us into one more trip this season. We'll be visiting another campground that we loved last year. YAY! 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Winnebago Brave/Itasca Tribute

We've been thinking about a Class A for a while; we originally thought about a Class A, but decided we should get in at the travel trailer level first. We've been camping in the trailer for 2 seasons now. We LOVE our lil Lance (reasons here). We've just always continued to look (because that's what people do, right?!)

Jon has had an obsession with Winnebagos. I've always thought they're nice, but have never seen a floorplan that I've loved, or even liked enough to say "yes, that's it!"Until now. I really like the floor plan of the Winnebago Brave/Itasca Tribute. If money were no object, we'd buy it today. But alas, it's not in the cards.

Things I really like about it:
The outside looks different. Sets it apart from everything else out there right now.
The finishes on the inside are nice.
The 27B floorplan is the perfect setup.
The shower is glassed in.
There's a good amount of counter space.
There are only 2 options, everything else is standard.
Love the slidable GPS unit.
The passenger work table.
The overhead storage that the doors slide instead of lift up.

What I don't like about it:
The U-dinette.
The tv is over the counter space. Meaning, if I'm prepping in the kitchen, you can't watch tv through me.
The shower isn't contained in the bathroom.

We're hoping to see one at the Hershey RV Show. For now, it's a dream, but I love to dream!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Harbor View RV Resort, Colonial Beach, VA

When? July 11-13, 2014
Where? Harbor View RV Resort, Colonial Beach, VA
Cost?  $37 per night (plus taxes & resort fees)
Hookups? Full
Type? Back in (there are some pull throughs)
Site #? C21 (across from the comfort station!)
Check in? 12:00pm
Check out? 11:00am
Characters? Heather & Jon, David the dog
Weather? 80s

On Friday, we headed to the trailer & got all hooked up. We spent some time in our driveway before we left trying to figure out what we were forgetting. When in doubt, go back into the house & look; we realized we left all of our food that we packed up in the cooler. Oops! We had a few options, but ultimately decided to continue on and deal with it when we got home on Sunday. We also decided it was a good idea to give our neighbors a key to our house. 

We got on our way and traffic was already backed up like crazy on 95 south. Took forever to get to Rt 3. Once we were on Rt 3, it was smooth sailing until our GPS decided to take us down some random roads. We eventually figured it out, but definitely no thanks to our GPS!

Once we got to Harbor View, I went in to check in. It was kind of weird because I had to get into a golf cart with the check in person & go pick our site. I've never had to do that before! I picked our site & then we drove over and started getting settled in. After getting set up, we headed to packet pickup for my race that weekend & then went to the store to get groceries and bathing suits (you've gotta love WalMart!). 

After a longer trip than we were expecting, we made dinner & called it a night. The next morning was going to be an early one.

Saturday morning was the Colonial Beach Sprint Tri. We were up & out of the campgrounds before most people were even thinking of waking up. I did my thing during the tri & had a bit of a wake up call about doing races with no training. (To be fair, I had been sick leading up to this one & was out of commission for about 1.5 months.) After the race, we headed back to the trailer.

Once at the campgrounds, I showered and promptly went back to sleep. I managed to sleep until about noon, when I woke up starving. Jon and David (the dog) were outside during my nap, relaxing. Made lunch and chilled out for a while. We eventually went to the pool, which was really nice. Much larger than most campground pools. After the pool, we made dinner & relaxed more. It was a really calm trip after the race!

On Sunday, we woke up around 7:30 or so and got packing up. We were back on the road around 9:30. Got the trailer back in it's space & then headed home. When we got home, I went to the kitchen to figure out the cooler situation. Somehow there was still ice in the cooler & pretty much everything was saved! Yay!