Monday, July 7, 2014

American Heritage RV Park, Williamsburg, VA

When? June 13-16, 2014
Where? American Heritage RV Park, Williamsburg, VA
Cost? $49.25 per night
Hookups? Full
Type? Back in (there are some pull throughs)
Site #? 84
Check in? 2pm
Check out? noon
Characters? Heather & Jon, David the dog
Weather? 80s

Originally this weekend, I was supposed to do the Rev3 Williamsburg 70.3 triathlon. Well, due to a cold I picked up in Disney & a never-ending cough, that plan went down the tubes. We decided to still go camping since we had the reservation. 

The drive down was one of the most eventful drives we've had. David threw up 3 times between our house & the trailer. Thank goodness he stopped once we had the trailer hooked up. Once we got to the Richmond Bypass, the rain started. It was just pouring! Jon handled it well. 

We got to the campground between storms & got checked in. We were assigned to site 84 (which happened to be right next to the camp hosts), drove over, & it started pouring again! We managed to get backed in without me getting out of the car (go Jon!) and then waited it out. After about 30-40 minutes, the weather cleared up enough that we could get set up. 

We managed to get set up pretty quickly while David hung out inside the trailer. Once set up, we hit up the grocery store for weekend rations. We got back just in time because another storm was headed in! That storm had us a bit worried as there were tornado warnings going with it.

The following day, we went to packet pickup for my triathlon (even though I wasn't doing it). After packet pickup, we went to the Williamsburg outlets.  Eventually, we headed back to the trailer.

After dinner, another camper visited a bit too long, despite our best efforts to excuse ourselves. We were left with a promise of another visit the following day.

Sunday, we headed to Jamestown Settlement after we knew the triathlon was cleared out of the general area. After Jamestown, we headed to Yorktown. After exploring Yorktown, we headed back to the campground. Once there, we decided to head home early, as Jon had a flight (for work stuff) to catch the next day. 

After a crazed pack-up, we hit the road & a 2 hr trip from Williamsburg back to the storage place turned into 3 hrs. Gotta love traffic! We had about 30 minutes (in the dark) to disconnect & get out of the storage area. We did forget a couple of things, but no big deal. Nothing a trip to the trailer the following weekend didn't solve!