Sunday, June 8, 2014

Walt Disney World!, Orlando, FL with stops in Waltersboro, SC & Dillon, SC

When? May 17-28, 2014
Where? New Green Acres, Waltersboro, SC; Fort Wilderness Campground, WDW, FL; Bass Lake, Dillon, SC
Cost? varied based on campground
Hookups? Full
Type? Pull through; Back in; Pull through (respectively)
Site #? C38; 104; B8
Check in? varied based on campground
Check out? varied based on campground
Characters? Heather & Jon for camping; Mrs A, L, C, and C for Disney
Weather? 80s - almost 100 (!)

Pre-trip prep
This trip has been in the works for almost a year now. My youngest sister-in-law (J's sister L) graduated high school on June 3. We did all of our planning & decided to tow down to Disney.

The weekend before this trip, we headed to the trailer to install the new Select Comfort bed and bring a bunch of supplies. We also took a bunch of stuff home. Thank goodness that we did all of that because we thought it'd only take us an hour or so... After 2 hrs, we called it a day and left the rest for the trip.

May 17
We left our house around 4am. Got to the trailer around 5am, hooked up, and were on the road by 6am. J installed the TireMinder valves on the tires so that we could keep track of the tire pressures on our first long haul. We knew we needed to be south of Richmond, VA before the crazy beach traffic started (so by 9 or so), hence the early start.

Driving was uneventful. Can't really ask for much more! The hardest thing was finding places to stop with the trailer for gas & food. We tried to make sure that there was food wherever we stopped for gas. We saw another (utility) trailer blow a tire. That was kind of scary. He rode his rim a little too long & his tire locked up. Still not sure why he didn't get off the road!

Around 3pm, we pulled into New Green Acres Campground in Walterboro, SC. After setting up, we went to the Super Walmart to pick up a few things. Walmart in different towns are always fun to check out. After that side trip, we got gas & headed back to the campground to cook dinner - steak (from our farmer's market at home), broccoli salad, mushrooms, and gluten free cornbread. It was delicious! We headed to bed kind of early since we'd been up since 3am.

May 18
After waking up on our new Select Comfort bed, we got a later start than we were originally thinking. Ah well. We had about 6 hrs to go to Disney. We got on the road & had a pretty easy drive. We hit traffic just before Orlando, but it wasn't too bad.

We pulled into Fort Wilderness and were directed into a line to check in. It was pretty cool to not have to get out of the car to check in!

We were put into spot 104. The people in 106 arrived just before we did & were having some problems backing in to their spot. It is pretty tight through loop 100. Thankfully, the people who were in 107 were there & offered to move their truck so we'd have an extra foot of space to back in. It really helped!

Once we got backed in, we set up, and then decided to head into the Magic Kingdom. We stayed long enough to do a couple of rides, see Wishes!, and call it a night. It had been a long day!

May 19 - 26
We played at Disney. A lot. In the super hot temperatures! The little Lance did perfectly with no problems with the AC at all. On the 26th, we started to pack things up a bit. We had professional pictures done (waiting on them). Celebrated my birthday & L's high school graduation. Overall good trip.

May 27
We got up pretty early (well, early for this Disney trip), finished packing up, had breakfast, and got the trailer hooked back up. We got on the road & started to haul up to SC. We needed to make Dillon, SC. We stayed at Bass Lake Campground. It was another easy on/off for 95. The town was interesting, to say the least. Not too long after we got in & set up for the night, a pretty good thunderstorm came rolling through. Again, little Lance did wonderfully!

May 28
We headed out around 9ish and got on the road for the rest of the trip home. The trip went uneventfully (YAY!). We got parked, unhooked, cleaned up a bit, and bid adieu to the Lance until our next trip.

The TireMinder gave us such peace of mind on this trip. The trip was the longest Jon's ever towed & it went perfectly. We really couldn't have asked for a better towing experience! I'm proud of Jon for doing so well with the trip. Up to 9 hrs at a time is a long time to concentrate on driving!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pohick Bay, Lorton, VA

When? April 4-6, 2014
Where? Pohick Bay State Park, Lorton, VA
Cost? $43.50 (jurisdiction) per night, plus $10 off our total overall
Hookups? Full
Type? Back in
Site #? 
Check in? 1pm
Check out? 11am
Characters? Heather, Jon, & our new(ish) puppy David
Weather? 50s

We've been trying to camp at Pohick since we got the trailer. The entire reason? It's a VERY short tow from where we keep the trailer. Great for a quick weekend, shake out, de-winterizing, etc trip. We managed to get in for our shake out trip this year by booking several months in advance. Thanks to an RV show we attended, we had a $10 off coupon to either Pohick or Bull Run, so we used that in addition to our resident rate.

On Friday, April 4, we got the trailer mid-day (from our storage place) and towed over to Pohick. David, our puppy, managed to throw up 4 times on this trip. Sigh. Poor thing gets car sick. It confirmed to us that taking him to FL in May would be a bad idea.

We got set up without too many problems... except Jon managed to over-tighten the water heater and blow a 2 amp mini blade fuse. Right. We definitely didn't have a spare one of those lying around. After a slight freak out, we decided to deal with it the next morning.

We took a quick walk down one of the paths & decided it was too muddy to continue with the pup. It had been raining for a few days before the trip, so it wasn't that surprising. After a while, we made dinner, showered in the comfort stations, and chilled out that night.

The next morning, we made a few phone calls & finally found the 2 amp mini blade fuse at AutoZone. So, we made a trip (with David with us) to go get the fuse. We also stopped & got another case of water. We spent the rest of the day fixing the water heater, changing out the thermostat, making lists of things we needed to do get for the trailer for the season, etc. Overall a pretty relaxing day. David seemed to really enjoy being at the campground.

The boys kind of took over the bed! Good thing I like them both!